Contego NutriPharm is currently certified for various laboratory testing methods, with our main focus on raw materials, vitamins, minerals, water and final product analyses.

  • Phazir Near-infrared (NIR) spectrometer testing

  • Compact and portable spectrometer for in-field analysis of chemical identification and material characterisation, which we use for identification on solids [raw material powders and end products (tablets, capsules, powders)].

  • Physical testing
  • Microbiological testing on raw materials, final products and water
  • Hardness of tablets (includes diameter and thickness of the tablets)
  • Friability of tablets
  • Weights of tablets and capsules
  • Disintegration of tablets and capsules
  • Moisture (loss on drying) of powders and raw materials
  • Loose density on powdered raw materials
  • Viscosity on liquids, semi-solids
  • pH of liquids, semi-solids